DC Comics Convergence Event Order Form

Okily dokily, Folks! I'm going to try something a little new this month...smile emoticon

As many of you are probably already aware DC Comics will be suspending publication of their entire New 52 line for two months (April and May) in order to facilitate the physical move of their publishing headquarters from New York to California. As as a result, we get to be treated to their latest Company Event, Convergence!

Convergence will consist of n 8-issue weekly miniseries that will contain the main story line as well as 40 2-issue miniseries that will spotlight some of your favorite pre-Flashpoint, Zero Hour, and Crisis on Infinite Earths characters. Some of these characters haven't been seen in this form for over 20 years, so it is an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends...smile emoticon

My problem is that I want to carry enough copies for everyone who is interested in following all of the story or just pieces of it, but I don't want to get stuck with a boatload of unsold comics. As a result, I have for the first time decided to dabble with Google's survey generator. (Special thanks to Ryan Rigaux and Sean Abel for their help in getting me properly tutored on how to use the frakakta software!)

I've created a form (the link for which is below) for you to fill out which titles you are interested in picking up. Simply follow the link and fill out the form. Once you hit "send" a copy of the results will be forwarded to me and I will make sure we have the books that you desire! Easy as pie...mmmmm....pie...smile emoticon

I hope that this little experiment works out. I have some other ideas I'd like to try with the Google stuff and this si the perfect experiment to see how it works.

So please don't hesitate to fill out the form and let me know what you want so that I can guarantee we have the comics you want this Spring!



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