DC New 52 Future's End September 3D Covers




Hey Folks!

I'm afraid I am coming to you now, hat in hand, with a little problem that I hope you can help me with.

What problem could possibly send Eddie into a tailspin of depression and despair that could only possibly be fixed by his adoring customers? How about trying to parse orders for DC's upcoming New 52 Future's End September 3D cover "event"?

Steve and I have just spent the better part of two hours going back and forth over how many copies of the upcoming 3D books we should order this year. Understand that I have VERY strong and VERY thorough inventory information to work from, but how useful it is when it comes to ordering this kind of promotion is debatable. I mean, do I go waaaay overboard expecting, as DC clearly expects, for all of my customers to go Goonies over the covers like last year and sell a gross ton of them? Or do I instead take the opposite track and order close to normal sales with a handful of 2D covers and assume that since there will be no initial shortage of the books that no one will be interested? (And, by the way, as I predicted last year none of the '13 3D books held anywhere close to the value that people were assigning them in the Fall of last year.) And how, exactly, do I come up with numbers for books that either haven't come out yet or are only one shots? 

Yes, I know...if it were easy then anyone could do it. Unfortunately, I have people depending on me and my judgement for their hobbyist needs and I feel awful if I let everyone down by not having enough to go around.

So, here's what I am going to do. I am going to post this here and on the Monarch website. My initial (and final) orders for the 3D covers will be May 29th. Anyone who is a subscription customer or a regular customer or even just an occasional customer can e-mail, cal, Facebook message, or use the shopping cart on the website to reserve how ever many copies of either the 3D or 2D versions of the upcoming New 52 Future's End titles and I will then GUARANTEE that those titles will be available to you as long as you pick them up by Wednesday, October 1st. 

I will create a database and make sure you get what you request. I really need to know upfront how many of these damn things to order and I can't think of a better way to handle this situation than to get you folks closer involved in it. Anyone who is already a subscription customer will also be guaranteed 3D versions of whatever titles they normally buy (although if you are a sub customer and you would prefer 2D covers then now is the time to let me know!) 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! DC will be releasing cover images on 5/27/14 that I will pass onto you as soon as I get a hold of them!


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